Ex-Cadets & More in the News
Editor’s Note: The articles included below do not represent all military college alumni in the news. If you know of a news-worthy individual that we missed or you’d like to add a story of your own, please contact us at Anna-Michelle.Shewfelt@rmc.ca. Thank you. // Note de l’éditrice: Les articles inclus ci-dessous ne représentent pas tous les anciens étudiants des collèges militaires dans les nouvelles. Si vous connaissez une personne digne des nouvelles que nous avons manquée ou si vous souhaitez ajouter une histoire de votre choix, contactez-nous à Anna-Michelle.Shewfelt@rmc.ca. Merci. *** Tuesday, 17 September, 2019 marked the 21st annual run of at least 100km for 11338 Bruce Barteaux (RMC 1978) as he and his wife Bonnie continue the fight against cancer through the Terry Fox Foundation. After retiring from a wonderful 42 years of full-time service, Bruce has been working with youth in what he deems to be the best youth organization in our great country. Although he lives in the Halifax area, he was pleased to take over as the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Bridgewater Army Cadet Corps (the only Army Cadet Corps on the South Shore of Nova Scotia) last fall. Wondering what to do for this year, Bruce and Bonnie decided to make the journey (Bruce running and Bonnie cycling) from home to Bridgewater on a Tuesday, which is training night. Bruce would then take the opportunity to chat with his Cadets about a healthy life style, citizenship and volunteering to tie in with the Terry Fox theme. This 108 km trek was mainly run along Highway 3, the beautiful coastal route beside the Atlantic shore. It has its fair share of hills, as well. A reception had been arranged on their initial arrival to Bridgewater, hosted by local fitness club 902 Athletics. This was a warm and welcoming event allowing Bruce and Bonnie to connect with locals, including the Bridgewater Mayor, before completing the final 6 km to their ultimate destination of 2688 RCACC. The presentation to the Corps (plus staff, some parents and a media rep) went well. Bruce then carried on with duties as the CO. Having been blessed with continued good health, Bruce wants to use this ability to benefit others. More detail can be found on his personal page on the Terry Fox site. http://www.terryfox.ca/brucebarteaux *** The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine MD Program accepted four Military Medical Training Plan (MMTP) students into the MD2023 class this year. All four of those students are RMCC graduates. The above photo is from the University of Ottawa White Coat Ceremony held on 13 September, 2019. The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage for medical students. Our entire class recites the Professional Oath and a white coat is placed on each of our shoulders signifying our entrance into the medical profession and a lifelong journey of learning. Above, from left to right, are: Victor Pak, s22372, graduated in 2002 with a B.A. Political Science. Sabra King (nee Gardner), s25715, graduated in 2013 with a B.Sc. Chemistry. Sandy Lanzinger (nee Edmison), s25933, graduated in 2014 with a B.Sc. Chemistry. Vincent Lamframboise, s24748, graduated in 2011 with a B.Eng. Chemical Engineering. Our time at RMCC helped us get to this point in our lives. If any current cadets want to get into medicine, RMCC can set them up for it. We’re all proof of that! *** HMCS Venture alumni re-unite 22447 Scott Robinson / 20143 Annick Fortin Article *** Ex-submariner fined $5,000 for assaulting former partner 15519 Sandra Sukstorf Article *** TAYLOR: The battle to save the Canadian Forces’ army reserve 15706 Paul Wynnyk Article *** New cenotaph at Georgian College ensures students will never forget 24301 Kevin Doubrough Article *** RCAF remembers the valour of “The Few” 16888 Al Meinzinger Article *** DREAM COME TRUE FOR WINDSOR SNOWBIRD 22058 Bassam Mnaymneh Article *** dedication of a new civic monument 16975 Omer Lavoie Article *** A Western Colorado professor’s mosquito book created so much buzz that it brought him to tears Timothy Winegard, RMC War Studies Grad Article *** RMC Paladins Running Captain Repeats ‘Army Run 5K’ Win 28115 Logan Roots Article *** Naval Cadets enjoy incredible USN exchange 27610 Jonathan Anderson / 28036 Eve Baker Article ***