Ex-Cadets and More in the News
Matthew HowseCecil MerrittWalter DornDiane ClaveauMatthew HouAl MeinzingerChris DareAngus Topshee (file photo)Jay Janzen (file photo)Jennie CarignanBob Ritchie ‘Beards, Boots And Buds’: How The Canadian Army Is Different To Others 26508 Matthew Howse Article *** ‘Those who lost their lives will never be forgotten’: World leaders commemorate D-Day H1866 Cecil Merritt Article *** 75 years after D-Day, has the old alliance fallen apart? Walter Dorn, Professor of Defence Studies, Royal Military College and the Canadian Forces College Article *** Homeless veteran living in her van draws attention to national crisis 15204 Diane Claveau Article Outpouring of support for homeless veteran living out of her van 15204 Diane Claveau Article *** Opinion: Pride Parade should welcome Canada’s increasingly inclusive military 24742 Matthew Hou Article *** Parish rectory repair grants support Yukon ministry Charles Maier, retired Assistant History Professor at RMC Article *** RCAF commander visits 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron 16888 Al Meinzinger Article *** MSS shows off new badge, motto 22976 Kirsten Dubreuil Article *** Success: Summit and Survival 23140 Chris Dare Article (page 1) *** Balance in Action 21395 Alain Sauvé Article (page 10) *** Royal Canadian Navy on board with strategy 19420 Angus Topshee Article (page 11) *** When information becomes a weapon 19506 Jay Janzen Article (page 11) *** Le plus fort c’est mon père 17312 Jennie Carignan Article *** Canadians, allies train for complexities of modern conflict 21293 Bob Ritchie Article (page 4)