English Class Project Honours Fallen Ex-Cadets Part 2
Over the next few weeks eVeritas will be publishing excerpts from the recently published “The Dark Mist Cast Across the Guns – Poems in Honour of Remembrance Day,” by the 2018-2019 ENE110-1 class at RMC in Kingston. Please note this volume is available for free in the RMC Gift Shop. No. 17333 Kelly Rae Gawne Killed in an explosion during MILE Phase 3 CFB Chilliwack, BC 20 June 1988 The Sapper By M2110 OCdt Edward Leibel – Four soldiers in four corners, none made a sound; poppies on their hearts, and rifles on the ground. – One says “Engineering! The men are rare who suffer with the iron ring. You see, we wanted to make a difference there. Nous avons fait une différence ici.” Last was the second; the third led way. The fourth, the fittest, the lady athlete, now still shines in the honour Ubique, shines in the light of Saint Barbara’s feat. – No longer does the sapper yell CHIMO while the bailey bridge gets built; no C-4, no dets, and no explosive trains to blow. Chilliwack lays quiet, whispers of before.