Her life, her health – Southampton
Her life, her health follows women’s health needs through the different stages of life. Starting with the early years, moving through her fertile years, onto a woman’s renaissance years and finishing in her golden years, delegates will explore the health considerations, questions and issues that may arise at consultation. Topics include puberty and painful periods, contraceptive needs, conception and pregnancy, cytology, menstrual problems and perimenopause, menopause, prolapse, cancers and more. The day’s interactive learning is delivered by live case studies following women at each of the four stages of life. Attendees will consider what is likely to be discussed at the different stages and explore how to respond, what to advise and suggest for the next steps. The aim is to immerse delegates into primary care consultations and allow time for questioning and exploration. Taught by GPs who understand the daily pressures of working in busy primary care settings, we cover common clinical presentations with evidence-based investigations, treatments and management plans. We will use national guidelines including NICE, FSRH, RCGP and RCOG to construct concise and relevant clinical consultations. We will look at the evidence around different treatment options and use interactive teaching methods to test your knowledge as we follow a woman’s clinical journey through life. Date: 17th October Holiday Inn Southampton, Herbert Walker Avenue, Southampton SO15 1HJ