Some Updates | Evan Bremer - Voiceover Actor
Dang, it\'s been a while since I last posted on my site here. Sorry for just kinda leaving you all hanging. I have been posting more on my like page lately, so if you want more constant updates as well as see stuff on other fun things that are not just voiceover related, you can like my official page using the Facebook back on the right side of your screed, above my twitter feed. You could also just click the link here: So yeah, sorry I haven\'t been updating. Things have been rather slow over on my end. The biggest news I have is sadly not good news. If you haven\'t heard already from what I posted on Facebook, I had to sadly stop making the radio drama adaptation of 8-Bit Theater. I feel that it was not the right time to start my own production of anything. I feel horrible since I went through a whole audition process and cast a whole bunch of talented people, now I know that I let down a bunch of them when I put this project to