Journey the Game | Evan Bremer - Voiceover Actor
I just want to take a moment to gush here. I've played many video games in my time. I've saved Princess Zelda, defeated Dark Samus, destroyed the Patriots AI system, and so many other great feats….but none of them. None. Of. Them Can even come close to traveling to a mountain. That may seem weird to hear compared to all of the other badass things I've listed, so what so special about going to a large hill. Well, sit down and let me tell you about a game called Journey. Journey is a PS3 downloadable title developed by ThatGameCompany (yes, that really is its name.) You play as a robed figure traveling through the land trying to get to a mountain with a light coming out of the top. What so special about that? It sounds like a really sketchy plot with nothing happening. Well, you're not wrong, and yet, I felt more emotional attachment to this game than any other game I've played in my whole life. What makes this game so