Rhino Shield Review – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - ET Speaks From Home
Each time we buy a gadget with a screen, the first thought is to get screen protector and casing to prevent the new gadget from damaged. There are so many brands on the market and it's sometimes difficult to decide which one to choose from. I used to buy cheap screen protectors simply because they were cheap. However, they wouldn't last very long and after seeing a few demonstrations at the gadget show, I have totally changed my mind. Cheap screen protectors do not give you adequate protection from impact damage. Rhino Shield has sent me their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen protector and a press kit. Inside this press kit, it comes with two gorilla glasses (as used on many mobile phones), two screen protectors, a 45g metal ball and a stone board. This is my video to demonstrate how I dropped the metal ball onto the unprotected and protected glass. I am very impressed with the result!