5 Beauty Accessories to Supercharge Your Me Time
With our busy lives, it’s almost a luxury to have yourself some me time. So I think it’s just proper to have it with all the necessary accessories to make it more worthwhile. Today I list 5 of the top beauty accessories that should be part of your me time so you can give yourself the best self-care moment of your life. 1. Mood Lamp To set the mood for your me time, this is what you need. A mood lamp is associated with light therapy that is thought to affect mood and sleep. Mood lamps differ from some other type of lamps as it is made and used to help create an ambiance in a room to make it feel more welcoming and relaxing. Such the perfect accessory to start me time right? 2. Bath Caddy Have the unusual bath time with a perfect bath caddy where you can sit back and read a good book or watch a movie while having a cup of tea on your bath time. Add a pure bliss in your shower time and relieve stress by having a luxurious bath with a caddy that can hold everything you need while allowing you to experience ultimate relaxation in your bath. Check out our very own Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray that is 100% eco-friendly designed to make your personal time enjoyable and fun. 3. Clarisonic This is a very personal recommendation as I am really in love with this. This is definitely not an ad but Clarisonic has the best devices for your skin care needs from a gentle facial exfoliating brush to a deep pore cleansing brush, you are all covered with this amazing brush that can step up your skincare game. 4. Nail Dryer Who doesn’t love to play colors with their nails during their me time? The only thing that won’t make it relaxing is when you have to wait for your nails to dry and just decide that it isn’t the perfect color or design you want and would do everything all over again and wait another more minutes. And everything can go messy, so a good nail dryer that can dry your nails in seconds is the best thing to have in handy. Like our 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp that delivers cure speeds up to twice as fast as standard UV LED nail lamps. 5. Vanity Mirror and a Me Time Self-Care Kit After all the bathing and cleansing it is now time to give your skin some love and apply your favorite skin care products. Your very own me time self-care kit should include moisturizer or serum, and eye gel packs or cream and a facial mask for your own at home spa feels. Some essential oils can set up the mood too. See our Hollywood Vanity Mirror with lights that can give your me time a Hollywood feels and our own line of skin care regimen to pamper your skin.