ESO Fashion | Bogrog gro-Shub – NA
Images: Character - Bogrog gro-Shub - NA - Dragonknight Submitted by - Eisotopius Male Set: Piece Motif Name Quality Level Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye Head Please choose racial motif Shoulders Please choose racial motif Chest None Trinimac's Blessed Plackart Fine (Green) VR3 Eyevea Blue Hands Bosmer Gloves of the Ugly Mug Fine (Green) VR2 Adventurer Brown Waist Please choose racial motif Legs Breton Trousers and Tails Normal (White) 1 Eyevea Blue Coldharbour Ash Black Feet Orc Homespun Shoes Fine (Green) 8 Adventurer Brown Book Cover Brown Weapon Please choose racial motif Offhand Please choose racial motif Where to Obtain: Head: Shoulders: Chest: Quest reward for the Paragon's Remembrance quest Hands: Quest reward for The Ugly Mug Waist: Legs: Stealing Feet: Crafted Weapon: Offhand: Comments Casual wear set for RP purposes. Blends formal wear and combat wear together, in a way I think turned out well. Other Sets by