Ali Babacan stayed with his leader until he was humiliatingly kicked out. He and his ilk cannot be saviours - Erkan's Field Diary
I don't think one should go hard on them as they continue to crack the one-party regime's resoluteness. However, I find it still an intra-party tension that should be exploited by secular democrats. These people really stayed with Erdoğan. They are here because they were not needed anymore. As far as I know, none of them challenged the rule on time. None of them made a prideful exit. Maybe Babacan is now gone beyond to re-join the party but some of them, like Bülent Arınç ever the fickle, joined back after all the humiliation he was exposed to. I believe that the new democratic tide in Turkey can bring upon new leaders. Like İmamoğlu, about whom we had no idea two years ago, there can be new reliable leaders. We do not need remnants of an old regime who never professed their guilt explicitly.