Testimonials | Erik Young Counseling LLC
9/19/2015 My 23 year old son suffered from almost daily panic attacks since his senior year of high school, and more recently had developed a fear of flying. He was so debilitated he was unable to complete college. Erik saw him weekly for 3 months, and taught him about the physiology of anxiety and panic and several techniques to manage it, including neurofeedback. After only 4 sessions, the panic attacks virtually DISAPPEARED. After 6 weeks of therapy, he was able to manage a round trip flight (3 hours each way) with some slight anxiety but no panic. Several months later, he is enrolled in college again, feeling confident and happy, and reports minimal anxiety issues. Erik explained during a 10 minute presentation how Anxiety and Panic are very treatable conditions, and my son is absolute proof of that. Erik literally taught him how to get his life back on track. He was the 3rd therapist we had tried in as many years. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ERIK, and will be forever grateful to him!! S.M.