LIFE WITH JEREMY — An Adoption Story | Erik Young Counseling LLC
Preface I know, dear readers that my articles are usually of the "How-to" variety. This, one is going to be a bit different. While there are certainly lessons to be learned here, they won't be spelled out in easy step-by-step directions. I totally understand if this is not your cup of tea. It's cool. But, this is a story that I've been waiting almost a decade to tell. It's an important story to me and I hope you forgive me a little bit of self-indulgence. I promise more "How-to" articles will be published soon. February 8, 2013 "You do understand that if I enter this judgment, it is irrevocable? Jeremy becomes your child now and forever just as if he was born to you. " This is what Judge Fritch said to me and my wife during our adoption hearing. Here's the running commentary scrolling through my mind at this time: "Of course I understand, why wouldn't I understand? Wait, did he say IF? What does he mean if?? Could he say NO? This was supposed to be a done deal! Why would