Want your child to listen better? Try the prompting hierarchy | Erik Young Counseling LLC
I. Does this sound familiar? "Johnny, put on your shoes." "Put on your shoes Johnny." "Johnny! Pay attention! Put on our shoes!" "Put on your shoes!" "ARRRGGGHHH!!!" (parent loses mind… Johnny is still shoeless) If you have kids then you've probably had this interaction (or one like it). Repeating the same command over and over as your child blissfully ignores you until you lose your mind. Why does this happen? They say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over expecting the same results. So, parents MUST be crazy because we insist on repeating ourselves to our kids ad nauseum hoping they will suddenly listen to us. Ok, so we aren't crazy even if our kids sometimes make us look that way. There must be a solution to though to what to do to get kids to listen when we want them to do something. One answer is using prompts. Prompts are assists that help someone to display a behavior we want to see. For example, demonstrating a