ADHD: Disorder or Super Power? Part Four | Erik Young Counseling LLC
I. Succeed from your strengths! Partially because I didn't receive formal therapy, but also because I needed to grow up, I did not get a handle on my ADHD until I was in my 20's. What happened is that I became a father. All of a sudden I was motivated. I looked at my son and thought "he deserves better than a slacker parent." I enrolled in college and started to apply all the study and organizational strategies I'd been taught but stubbornly refused to use in high school. A funny thing happened, I started getting straight A's. In fact, I maintained a 4. GPA for 6 straight semesters in my undergraduate program. It was hard work at first and I had to be very disciplined, but I didn't want to let my baby son down. Over time though, it got easier as I got habituated to doing these things. Pretty soon I could tap into my super focus whenever I wanted. Today, I'm still hyperactive (I cannot sit still). I can be impulsive. I talk too fast. I procrastinate. BUT I