About Erik | Erik Young Counseling LLC
Erik specializes in working with children and teens diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability and behavior disorders. He was a clinician for Devereux for over 13 years before he started his private practice. Eleven years ago, Erik and his wife decided to try to take what they know worked in the clinical setting and apply it at home. To this end, they started to provide foster care for special needs children. The result has been a sometimes frustrating, but always enlightening and wonderful roller coaster ride. Erik quickly learned that what was possible in the clinical setting was not always workable in the home setting. He learned that even when the behaviors were manageable, life with an autistic child is very different from that of the neurotypical child. A fact that is not always apparent to his fellow clinicians. Today, he combines this hard won personal experience with what he knows works in the clinic to help families support their loved ones. He loves being the