10 Things I wish people knew about my ADHD (from a therapist) - Part 2
My feelings are big for a reason. One of the common traits of ADHD that isn't in the DSM-V is emotional hyperarousal. That basically means that I tend to feel emotions more intensely than others. I don't just get a little mad, I get a LOT mad. I'm not just a little happy, I'm over the moon giddy. It's overwhelming. It's not just my own feelings that I'm sensitive to, but also the feelings of others. What others are feeling tends to hit me harder. This helps to make me a better therapist, but it can make the world "emotionally loud." It's nothing that I'm choosing to do as it is a by-product of how my brain is wired. Kids with ADHD struggle much more with emotional regulation and need a lot more support in this area. So, parents, your kids aren't out of control necessarily, but they need some understanding and support in learning how to calm down. That's why I find that yelling and punishment strategies tend to be less effective with these kids. They stir up too many big