10 Things I wish people knew about my ADHD (from a therapist) – Part 1
I'm a therapist and I have ADHD As the heading says, I have ADHD and I'm also a therapist. I work a lot with special needs families and that means a lot of families struggling in some way with ADHD. I also know that my family is impacted by my ADHD needs and behaviors. It can be awesome and fun, and it can also be very frustrating for me and for them. I'm living in a world built by and for neurotypical people. Somedays it is hard to adjust to that. It's like wearing clothes that are both too big and too small. There have been many times in my life where I wished others could understand what was up with me. I couldn't explain myself because at that time (especially as a child) I didn't understand myself. So, that is why I wrote this piece. To help explain my experience and maybe help others who have or love someone who has ADHD to get along a little better. I'm not lazy! This is something I used to hear a lot growing up, and sometimes hear now. It always hurt and, even more