Criminal Law Darwin | The Offences that Fall Under Criminal Law Darwin
Where there are different kinds of criminal acts, they can generally be divided into four different categories. These are personal crimes, property crimes, statutory crimes, and financial crimes. Most criminal TGB lawyers are well-versed with these types of criminal cases. In this article, we’re going to discuss a brief overview of the different types of offences that fall under criminal law. Personal Crimes Personal crimes are criminal offences that often result in physical or mental harm to another person. They can be divided into two categories: homicide and violent crimes. If the bodily injury to another person is so severe that it causes permanent disability or death, a defendant may be charged with any one of the several types of homicide. Here are some examples of homicide and violent crimes: Homicide: First-degree murder Voluntary manslaughter Vehicular homicide Violent Crimes: Assault and battery Arson Child abuse Domestic abuse Kidnapping Rape/statutory rape Click here to know more about these cases and how you can deal with them. Property Crimes Property crimes involve interference with the property of another individual. Although they may include mental or physical harm to another, these cases primarily result in the deprivation of the user or enjoyment of the property. TGB lawyers specialising in criminal law are aware of the different crimes that fall under property crime. Many property crimes are considered as theft crimes, including the following: Larceny Burglary Auto theft Robbery Shoplifting Statutory Crimes Statutory crimes include all of those crimes, in addition to the crimes discussed above, which are prescribed by statute. Three significant types of statutory crimes are drug crimes, alcohol-related crimes, traffic violations, and white-collar crimes. These crimes are specifically prohibited by statute because the society hopes to deter individuals from engaging in them. For instance, alcohol-related crimes include a variety of offences regarding how where alcohol can be consumed, such as the following: Driving under the influence of alcohol Open-container violations Minor in possession of alcohol Public intoxication Underage drinking Boating under the influence of alcohol Selling and supplying alcohol to minors Refusing to perform a field sobriety test Refusing to perform a breathalyser or provide a blood sample. Financial and Other Crimes Finally, we have financial crimes, which often involve fraud or deception for financial gain. Although white-collar crimes derive their name from the corporate officers who perpetrated them, anyone in any industry can commit white-collar crime. These crimes include the following: Fraud Blackmail Embezzlement Money laundering Tax evasion Cybercrime For more information about criminal law Darwin, click here. You can also hire professional criminal TGB lawyers when you visit our website.