Gaming YouTuber ProJared accused of soliciting nude photos from minors - Enviro Led Tech
Jared ‘ProJared’ Knabenbauer, a popular gaming YouTuber who before today had 1 million subscribers, has been accused of soliciting and receiving nude photos from underage fans. Knabenbauer has not commented on the allegations. Yesterday, Knabenbauer’s wife, cosplay star Heidi O’Ferrall, accused him of infidelity, citing it as the primary reason for the couple’s pending divorce in a Twitter thread detailing the end of their relationship. O’Ferrall then brought upKnabenbauer’s efforts to receive nude photos from fans, which she was aware of during their marriage. “In the beginning, it was a joke on Tumblr,” wrote O’Ferrall. “Then it was its own Tumblr account just for nudes. It was ostensibly a body-positive space for consenting adults, and I approved on that basis.” According to O’Ferrall,