Zapatos in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge - Emily in Ecuador
Puerto Lopez is hard on zapatos (shoes). As I explained in Mototaxis, walking is the most popular way to get around town. Paved streets bake in the sun, in turn wearing down shoe soles. When it rains, dirt roads turn to sticky mud, threatening to become one with your footwear. Puerto Lopez shoe repair When your shoes are falling apart, you buy new shoes or repair the ones you own. The Zapateria above has repaired my ten year old Teva sandals twice. I wear them nearly every day so they are well worn but still going because of Zapateria repairs. I am wearing them in the post Emily in Puerto Lopez. Two of the Puerto Lopez shoe shopping options Traveling entrepreneurs If your shoes become irreparable, there are places in Puerto Lopez to buy new ones. From time to time, traveling shoe salesmen arrive and set up in empty lots. Some set up under canopies. La Bahía The largest Puerto Lopez shoe selection is in an open air shopping area called La Bahia. The best way to find it is to know exactly where the entrance is located (Google maps street view here). It does not appear large from the outside but it is long, with two rows like the one below. You can buy all kinds of shoes (and much, much more) in La Bahia. Avoid prolonged sun exposure A dermatologist told me he sees melanoma frequently on feet in Ecuador since many people wear flip flops. I applaud the vendor below, protecting his feet while selling homemade cookies in the sunshine. See Yellow Orb for more on why the Ecuador sun is so strong. Big feet issues The high heels sold in La Bahia below are not my style. I could not buy them anyway. They are all too small for me. I wear a 9.5 US shoe, size 40 in Ecuador or Europe. In Puerto Lopez, I have never seen a women’s shoe for sale in my size. There are size 8.5 (39) but that seems to be the largest available. Do you repair worn shoes? What type of shoes do you wear most frequently? Do you protect your feet from the sun? __________________________________________ A look back Last year, I wrote Zoo – I live in one!