Ultralight Flight Over Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge - Emily in Ecuador
Sunday, 5:29 PM “You did what?!” “I know you’ve said they are deathtraps, Dad. Before I went, I… “Ultralights ARE deathtraps, Emily!” “…weighed the risks verses my desire to see Puerto Lopez from the air…” “It’s not worth your life!” “…and decided it was more likely I would land safely on the beach than crash into the ocean.” So it went when I told my retired pilot father about my first ultralight flight. Friday I first saw the plane Friday afternoon. The pilot took off, looped the bay, and landed on the beach. I watched several takeoffs and landings, timed the flights (about 4 minutes), and yearned to see Puerto Lopez from the air. Between flights, I asked the pilot how long he would be here (through Sunday) and how much was a flight ($10 USD). I left for an appointment, thinking what a rarity it is to see a sightseeing plane in Puerto Lopez. Saturday morning, I watched the plane from my balcony until I left town for an overnight trip. By the time I returned Sunday afternoon, my yearning had not abated. Back on the balcony, the plane called to me over and over. I answered. 5:27 PM As we lifted off, my inner world was in turmoil. While chastising myself for risking my life and wondering what people would say if I died (“She KNEW ultralights were deathtraps!”), I realized I was not breathing. I gave myself a mental butt kicking. “If this is your last moment on Earth, enjoy it!” Finally settled in, I had a blast. Dad wanted to hear all about it once I promised this was my last ultralight flight. 5:27 PM 5:28 PM 5:29 PM 5:29 PM 5:29 PM 5:29 PM 5:29 PM 5:30 PM Have you been on a sightseeing flight? If yes, was it an ultralight? If no, would you go up in an ultralight? __________________________________________ A look back Last year, I wrote Underwater Endangered Testudines (a.k.a. Sea Turtles)