Oeste de Puerto Lopez (West of Puerto Lopez), Ecuador #AtoZChallenge - Emily in Ecuador
You may be surprised to learn that if you cross the Pacific ocean 993 kilometers west of Puerto Lopez, you will be in Ecuador. Specifically, you will be in the Galapagos Islands’ Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Thanks to Hosteria Mandala‘s directional sign, you can find out how far it is to other places around the globe. A few distances from Puerto Lopez: Jacarta, Indonesia is 18824.80 km west. London, England is 9463.62 km NNE. Ottawa, Canada is 5210.32 km north. Nairobi, Kenya is 13999.18 km east. Buenos Aires, Argentina is 4331.64 km southeast. Cape Horn, Chile is 6143.12 km south. Come to Puerto Lopez, learn a bit of geography! __________________________________________ A look back Last year, I wrote Olon Orphanage.