Lights Reflecting Off the Ocean, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge - Emily in Ecuador
Stand at the end of the Puerto Lopez pier after dark. Street, building, and beach cabana lights dance to create a symphony of color reflecting off the water. The photo for E (see Emily in Puerto Lopez here) is a daytime picture from the spot above. Next, walk to the south end of the malecon to see the pier lights reflecting like in the photo above. The pier has all white lights. In this photo, many are turned off because it is after 11:00 PM, when about half of the lights go dark. Purple and red lights from the nearest beach cabana are the only cabana lights visible from this vantage point. If it is a holiday or weekend, enjoy the music booming from the cabanas. If it is a weekday, enjoy the silent light reflections. __________________________________________ A look back Last year, I wrote Latitude Zero.