Xanthophobia, Xenoepist, Xyzlacatosis #AtoZChallenge - Emily in Ecuador
The author suffered from xyzlacatosis. — grab.com Merriam-Webster publishes a list of user submitted new words & slang in their open dictionary. They remain there until they make it into the dictionary. Three words beginning with X caught my eye. First I list the submitted word with definition. Then I use it in a sentence. xanthophobia (adjective) : the fear of the color yellow. One of the primary colors on Ecuador’s flag and national fútbol team is yellow. If you suffer from xanthophobia, Ecuador may not be the best place for you. Yellow shirts are common in Ecuador xenoepist (noun) : someone who speaks with a foreign accent With my native US accent, I am a xenoepist in Ecuador, whether speaking Spanish or English. xyzlacatosis (other) : struck with knowledge that there are few words in the English language beginning with x, y, and z I suffered from xyzlacatosis while looking for a topic for this post. Can you identify with any of these? If you are visiting from the #AtoZChallenge please include your blog link in a comment so I can check it out.