Welcome! My name is Elly Pirocacos and this is a personal blog, home to philosophical reflections on life issues. These will vary from philosophically dense scholarly-type papers, to quibbles, annotations, critiques, self-help guides, and problematics. It was the university, first as a student and later as a Professor of Philosophy, that was once home to my philosophical engagement with life issues. Initially this was an ideal forum for an interactive, passionate exchange of commonly entrenched concerns but as education came to suffer the ills of institutionalization more and more, and standardized policies replaced the creative, and biophilous dialectical flux that characterized the inter and intra-human exchange amongst practitioners of philosophy, this became an ever alienating experience. Yet the yearning for meaningful reflection has not waned and the practical application dating back to the Greeks has finally found new footing in Philosophical Counselling. Putting philosophy back on the streets and employing philosophical methods as a form of counselling constitute the two-tier structure of this blog. Negotiating the "truth" in all facets of life and living will be the driving force that both defines the parameters and implications of all philosophical reflections. Still a passionate educator committed to the ideals of college/university learning and philosophical counselling. In both venues, com-passionate, invested dialogue guides and helps content take form. Credentials: BA, MA, PhD in philosophy; APPA certified. Presently studying to acquire my BA in psychology. It's never too late to change your orientation in life! Membership/Secretary Treasurer Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice (CSPP)