An Inevitable Introduction | Ellis Bojar
Donovan/Stresing An Inevitable Introduction It's not the comic book thing that bothers people. Even I think that part's weird. Everyone loves comic books nowadays, even people who've never read a comic book. Especially those who have never read one. "Sorry, I haven't seen the new Avengers movie…" No, it's the horror thing. I'm a middle-aged guy in a plaid blazer. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I've never listened to metal. I did, embarrassingly, just name-check Don DeLillo. We've all read that comic books are "growing up" these days (though like most things we've read these days there's little truth to it). But horror, as a genre … Isn't it a little, well, juvenile? It don't think it has to be. There's a lot of really bad horror out there, of course. There's a lot of bad everything out there. But speaking of DeLillo, I'd say White Noise is the best horror novel ever written. It's coiled with an unmatched sense of anxiety, a slow-boil meditation on the grotesquery of modern Americana,