#03 Amaryllis Dress - ELiQU Sewing
Plus Shipping Fabric: Lightweight to mediumweight woven fabric with a drape of your taste. You will also need: Matching thread, iron-on bias tape (for securing neckline), lightweight woven interfacing (we recommend Vlieseline G785) and an invisible zipper (35-45 cm) Required sewing techniques: Darts, ease, invisible zipper, and straight stitching. We guide you through: Sewing and attaching the peplum, hemming the edge of the peplum and dress, attaching the lining by hand, prick stitch, and sewing rouleau straps. Options: With or without peplum as a dress. Without the skirt as a top. Possible to add sleeves from other ELiQU Sewing patterns. Size 32-48 included in the pattern. (Dansk beskrivelse længere nede).