Meet the women giving cannabis culture a style makeover - The Electrum Report
Author: Alice Hopton / Source: CBC With new legislation working to legalize marijuana, female entrepreneurs are also seeking out opportunities to diversify the cannabis industry by making vape pens, canisters, and other smoking essentials more appealing to women. Milkweed, along with some other more high-end retailers, are continuing to pick up social relevance among the growing community of female tokers, by offering stylish and discrete alternatives of common smoking apparatuses like pipes and blunt wraps, to hopefully change the sigma around marijuana consumption. Emma Baron, CEO of Milkweed​: “Part of the inspiration for Milkweed for me was seeing 70-, 80-year-olds…the only products they can find are covered in weed leaves. They’re so ashamed of the accoutrements that go with it.” Susana Erazo is seen creating her signature leather road trip kit at her Hide Boutique in Toronto in June 2018. It’s part of the Milkweed collection, an online cannabis accessory retail site and is used to store rolling papers, stash tins and grinders. (David Donnelly/CBC) Female entrepreneurs are carving out their own space in the male-heavy cannabis industry — and they’re doing it with style. Until now, the stoner culture aesthetic has looked more like Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke or Seth Rogen’s Pineapple Express than something you’d find in lifestyle reads like Goop or Vogue. But with legalization, pot is going mainstream. New fashion-forward accessories like sleek vape pens and hand-crafted ceramic stash jars are being created to appeal specifically to women, who represent a fast-growing market for weed. Female entrepreneurs are savvy about marketing chic accessories that don’t scream stoner. They’re also ardent about getting the message across that as a woman, it’s OK to smoke up, even if you’re a mother. Entrepreneur Emma Baron is moving into the quickly expanding field of female-focused cannabis accessories. The Toronto-based designer hopes her stylish made-in-Canada products will help remove the stigma some feel around cannabis use. (Alice Hopton/CBC) Emma Baron, the Toronto-based co-founder of the online cannabis accessory company Milkweed​, previously worked at a medical marijuana clinic. Women looking for pain relief were reluctant to use cannabis because of stigma, she said. “Part of the inspiration for Milkweed for me was seeing 70-, 80-year-olds, like your grandma, coming into the clinic and the cannabis is working for them, but the only products they can find are covered in weed leaves,” Baron said. “This patient doesn’t even want to use cannabis, they’re so ashamed of the accoutrements that go with it.” ‘I knew I wasn’t alone’ Baron realized more discreet, beautiful accessories could help ease those fears. “If you can show off your stylish bar cart, why not your cannabis cart?” she said. “It’s bringing it out of the closet, out from under the bed and out onto the coffee table — and feeling good about it.” Hand-crafted copper stash tins, gold painted ceramic pipes and pre-rolled embossed blunts are just a few of the items getting the coffee-table treatment. Seattle-based Van der Pop is another pot-related retailer blossoming under the eye of a female designer…. Click here to read more