How Israel's weed tech industry is taking on America's opioid crisis - The Electrum Report
America is beginning to see cannabis as an alternative to prescription pills. Israel is years ahead - and its entrepreneurs want to curb a crisis of opioid addiction that is completely out of control. In simple terms, Davidson has created a marijuana inhaler. Doctors can control the Syqe Inhaler remotely, ensuring patients a regulated, reliable dose of marijuana. Yet spotty regulation, which varies wildly from state to state, makes the research and development of cannabis fraught. Just nine states allow recreational marijuana use, while 29 permit its use medically. Now we become experts in tech transfer.” Cannabis is one of very few issues to unite Israel’s political landscape. Israel is years ahead. “Patients are clamoring for some medication,” he says. It was so beautiful.” Kahl and his family moved to Denver in 2014, where he now advocates for medical marijuana use among veterans.