How Autoflowering Cannabis is Changing the World of Growing - The Electrum Report
Over a decade ago a tiny strain called The Lowryder quietly changed the world of cannabis cultivation, and nobody noticed. Autos Hit the Big Time Early autoflowers produced weak yields of low-THC buds, but years of R&D have given us modern autoflower strains, like Gorilla Glue Auto from the pioneering Cali-Cannabis themed seed bank, Fast Buds, which can yield 1 kilo of ultra-potent flower in half the growing time of a photoperiodic plant. Since autos in flower can be exposed to the same light schedule as those still vegging, growers with limited space in their homes can stagger their grows to harvest every month. Rewarding to Master Auto growers view this fast flowering as both a blessing and a curse. Green says he was bucking conventional wisdom from day-one, “I was told that autos couldn’t be topped or trained without sacrificing the yield. I believe that I have done that with the help of good genetics and excellent breeders.” How to Make a Monster Auto Every dedicated autoflower grower we spoke to told us the conventional wisdom was wrong, but none of them agreed on why or how. They’re ready to take their place as something for “serious” cannabis growers to cultivate, and every week or month brings new innovation from both growers and seedbanks alike. Green’s process is pretty straight-forward, “I typically top the plant at the third node and remove the first and second nodes as well. There are autoflowering varieties of most popular strains, and some are even surpassing their photoperiod namesakes. Autoflowering Stardawg from seedbanks like Fast Buds allow these clandestine growers to harvest regularly and supply the huddled masses yearning to smoke American strains.