MikroElektronika Buggy: Arduino programming #2 | Electronza
So, after posting the Arduino IDE pin chart for the Clicker2 for PIC32MX, taking full advantage of the new chipKIT core v.1.3.1 it's time now to revisit the Buggy. In this blog post I will publish an updated pin chart, and a new set of definitions to make the Buggy work in Arduino IDE. So, first the pin chart, as usual available also in pdf format for download: As one can see, this builds upon the previous pin chart for Clicker2 for PIC32MX, adding one extra level of pin definitions for the Buggy. Obviously, these definitions must be added to your Arduino sketch. I do prefer to put these definitions is a separate header file, which is later included in the sketch: [crayon-5cbe4de7f3fe4823563246/] Just create an empty .h file and put the above definitions in it. Include the file in your sketch and you are ready to go. Just to show you how simple is this, here's a small sketch that blinks the lights: [crayon-5cbe4de7f3feb220767372/] A few particularities In the current board version