Prince Charles is visiting Germany
Prince Charles is visiting Germany. According to the British press, he will say (or, by now, probably has said): "... Our countries and our people have been through so much together... As we look towards the future, I can only hope that we can also pledge to redouble our commitment to each other and to the ties between us... For some of us, of course, these connections are particularly personal..." And right he is! Charles is Britain's staunchest supporter of and meddler in SCAM, while the Germans seem to be the most prolific innovators of SCAM. Just think of von Bingen, Hildegard - inventor of a form of herbal medicine; Hahnemann, Samuel - inventor of homeopathy; Hamer, Ryke Geerd - inventor of New German Medicine; Huneke, Ferdinand - inventor of neural therapy; Kneipp, Sebastian - co-inventor of naturopathy; Mesmer, Anton - inventor of hypnotherapy; Morlell, Franz - inventor of bioresonance; Reckeweg, Hans -inventor of homotoxicology; Schimmel, Helmut - co-inventor of the Vega test;