Homeopaths should carry public health warnings!
A series of article in The Times yesterday (to which I had made several minor contributions) focussed on the dangers of homeoprophylaxis/homeopathic vaccinations. Sadly, the paper is behind a paywall. I therefore will try to summarise some of the relevant points. A courageous Times-reporter went under cover to extract some of the anti-vaccination views from a lay homeopath. This particular homeopath happened to charge £330 from customers who want to protect themselves or their family from infectious diseases (£130 for a homeopathic remedy kit, plus £200 for the compulsory instructions via skype that automatically come with the kit). Here are some of the most obvious porkies uttered by that homeopath: Only 30% of healthcare professionals get vaccinated. Rubella is a very mild disease. Cancer patients don't get fever. Measles mainly kills children with severe disease. Anything which messes with natural immunity could contribute to autism. Health officials devised a seven-step recipe to