'Biofield tuning': a new and fantastic SCAM
Biofield tuning? What on earth is this new SCAM? Do I really have a 'biofield'? How can I tune it? And what effect does it have? Here is an article that explains all this in some detail; enjoy: While western science has yet to describe and measure this energy, other cultures, especially ancient Indian or Vedic cultures describe it extensively. The term "chakra" (wheel) in Sanskirt, refers to spinning energy vortices which are seen as structures in the body's subtle energy anatomy. Not coincidentally, within the body at each chakra location there is a corresponding large cluster of nerves or plexuses.‚Äč One way of understanding subtle energy is through the analogy "subtle energy is to electromagnetism as water vapor is to water." Just as we do not measure water vapor with the same tools we use to measure water, we can't use the same tools to measure subtle energy we would use to measure electricity. Subtle energy is higher, finer, more diffuse and follows slightly different laws.