Yoga and the NHS
Guest post by Richard Rawlins It is 18 years since Health Secretary Alan Milburn launched a scheme for family doctors to prescribe exercise, aerobics, swimming, and yoga for those who are overweight and at risk of strokes, heart disease or suffering from osteoporosis, diabetes or stress. Splendid! But have any benefits resulted? We do not know. In 2015, Simon Stevens, CEO NHS England, emphasised the importance of NHS staff being cared for: "NHS staff have some of the most critical but demanding jobs in the country. When it comes to supporting the health of our own workforce, frankly the NHS needs to put its own house in order." He identified "ten leading NHS employers to spearhead a comprehensive initiative to boost NHS staff health at work by committing to 'six key actions', including "by establishing and promoting a local physical activity 'offer' to staff, such as running, yoga classes, Zumba classes, or competitive sports teams…" Mr Stevens pointed out that his proposals would cost