New review confirms: osteopathy is NOT evidence-based
Osteopathy is a tricky subject: Osteopathic manipulations/mobilisations are advocated mainly for spinal complaints. Yet many osteopaths use them also for a myriad of non-spinal conditions. Osteopathy comprises two entirely different professions; in the US, osteopaths are very similar to medically trained doctors, and many hardly ever employ osteopathic manual techniques; outside the US, osteopaths are alternative practitioners who use mainly osteopathic techniques and believe in the obsolete gospel of their guru Andrew Taylor Still (this post relates to the latter type of osteopathy). The question whether osteopathic manual therapies are effective is still open - even for the indication that osteopaths treat most, spinal complaints. Like chiropractors, osteopaths now insist that osteopathy is not a treatment but a profession; the transparent reason for this argument is to gain more wriggle-room when faced with negative evidence regarding they hallmark treatment of osteopathic