Severe adverse effects of chiropractic in children
I would warn every parent who thinks that taking their child to a chiropractor is a good idea. For this, I have three main reasons: Chiropractic has not been shown to be effective for any paediatric condition. Chiropractors often advise parents against vaccinating their children. Chiropractic spinal manipulations can cause harm to kids. The latter point seems to be confirmed by a recent PhD thesis of which so far only one short report is available. Here are the relevant bits of information from it: Katie Pohlman has successfully defended her PhD thesis, which focused on the assessment of safety in pediatric manual therapy. As a clinical research scientist at Parker University, Dallas, Texas, she identified a lack of prospective patient safety research within the chiropractic population in general and investigated this deficit in the paediatric population in particular. Pohlman used a cross-sectional survey to assess the barriers and facilitators for participation in a patient safety