Evidence-based chiropractic education would mean that students cannot become chiropractors
The 2018 World Federation of Chiropractic ACC Education Conference was held on 24-27 October in London. It resulted in several consensus statements developed by the attendees. I happen to know this from a short report that has just been published; it can be found here. Of the 10 points made in this consensus, I find only the following noteworthy: "Chiropractic education programs have an ethical obligation to support an evidence-based teaching and learning environment." Perhaps it is me - English is not my first language - but I find the phraseology used in this sentence strangely complicated and confusing. I have been a teacher of medical students for most of my life, but I am not sure what an 'evidence-based teaching and learning environment' is. I know what 'evidence-based' means, of course. However, what exactly is: a teaching environment? a learning environment? and how does 'evidence-based' apply to either of the two? Is there evidence that some environments are better suited