The most nonsensical nonsense of 2018: 20 of my favourite slices of baloney
Over the years, I have become somewhat of an expert in spotting nonsense in the realm of alternative medicine, also known as SCAM. Here are - in no particular order - the 20 most remarkable examples of baloney that I came across (and wrote about) in 2018. Based on a totally inadequate study (which was tweeted by homeopaths as a success story), Indian homeopaths concluded that Ibuprofen and Belladonna 6C are effective and provide adequate analgesia with no statistically significant difference. Lack of adverse effects with Belladonna 6C makes it an effective and viable alternative. Chinese researchers conducted a meta-analysis and found that Ginkgo Leaf Extract and Dipyridamole Injection was associated with a curative effect for patients with angina pectoris. A German 'journalist' and PR-man likened critics of homeopathy (naming me and others) to the Nazis during the 1930s. A 'landmark study' was celebrated by homeopaths (shortly afterwards it was suspected to be fraudulent. The