Glimmers of hope and progress in 2018
My last post was rather depressive, and I certainly do not want my readers to be under the weather when they go into 2019. For this last post of 2018, I have therefore selected 20 events which gave me hope that perhaps we - those who prefer rationality to nonsense - are making progress. It has been reported that New Brunswick judge ruled this week that Canadian naturopaths — pseudoscience purveyors who promote a variety of "alternative medicines" like homeopathy, herbs, detoxes, and acupuncture — cannot legally call themselves "medically trained." The Spanish Ministries of Health and Sciences announced their 'Health Protection Plan against Pseudotherapies'. The medical school of Vienna axed their courses in homeopathy. A most comprehensive review of homeopathy concluded that the effects of homeopathy do not differ from those of placebo. The UK Pharmaceutical Society has stated that it does not endorse homeopathy and that pharmacists must advise patients considering a homeopathic