Chiropractic manipulation and primary prevention. It's time that chiropractors stop misleading the public in order to fill their pockets
Most chiropractors claim that their manipulations prevent illness, not just spinal but also non-spinal conditions. But is there any sound evidence for that assumption? A team of chiropractic researchers wanted to find out. Specifically, the objective of their systematic review was to investigate if there is any evidence that spinal manipulations/chiropractic care can be used in primary prevention (PP) and/or early secondary prevention in diseases other than musculoskeletal conditions. Of the 13.099 titles scrutinized by the authors, 13 articles were included. These were 8 clinical studies, 5 population studies. These studies dealt with various issues such as diastolic blood pressure, blood test immunological markers, and mortality. Only two clinical studies could be used for data synthesis. None showed any effect of spinal manipulation/chiropractic treatment. The authors' conclusions were straight forward: we found no evidence in the literature of an effect of chiropractic