How to kill a few asthma patients with homeopathy
The 'CANADIAN COLLEGE OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE' has posted an interesting announcement: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma with Homeopath Kim Elia www.wholehealthnow.com/bios/kim-elia In asthma, bronchial narrowing results in coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and a sense of tightness in the chest. Traditional treatments, such as bronchodilator and steroidal inhalers, reasonably control the condition, but cure is elusive. Side effects and long-term use can eventually be quite damaging, including impairment of immune function and growth rate in children. Homeopathy has an excellent track record in treating this debilitating illness, and offers the hope of weaning off of traditional injurious treatments, replacing them with a far gentler and deeper-acting solution. About Kim Elia Students from around the world have expressed appreciation and admiration for Kim's superb knowledge of the history of homeopathy, his deep understanding of homeopathic prescribing, and his extensive knowledge