Boiron: why are they allowed to make false claims?
Boiron is the world's largest manufacturer of homeopathic products. The 2016 sales figures of the company amounted to 614 489 000 Euro. Boiron has recently been very active promoting its products, not least on Twitter where I note about 10 of their promotional tweets every day. I saw the following tweet yesterday: Acidil temporarily relieves occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, bloating or upset stomach. (link: This prompted me to look up what this product contains. The ingredients (potencies) are as follows: Abies nigra (4C) Carbo vegetablilis (4C) Nux vomica (4C) Robinia pseudoacacia (4C) Just to remind you, 4C means the substance is diluted at a rate of 1: 100 000 000. Even the most deadly poison would be ineffective at such a dilution. So, how can they claim that it is effective? To find the answer, I did a Medline search and found the only listed trial of Acidil (if anyone knows of further studies, please let me know). Here is its abstract: BACKGROUND: