Should we be worried about the health of this homeopathy-promoting PR-man?
In Germany, homeopathic firms are - as I recently mentioned - starting to panic. Sales figures have, for the first time since decades, declined. This is undoubtedly the work of all those evil sceptics (including, or perhaps foremost?, my evil self!) who are well-organised and even better-funded. At least, this is what their new PR-man seems to think. Christian J Becker has been exceedingly active on Twitter provoking everyone who said a word against homeopathy. He is without any doubt the fiercest PR-defender of German homeopathy since Claus Fritzsche. But just like with the late Fritzsche, all those years ago, I am beginning to worry. Is Mr Becker feeling alright? I see increasingly worrying signs and parallels. Might he be drifting into some sort of a psychopathologic episode? Despite being a novice to this field, he seems to think that a substance which had no therapeutic effect to start with - think of Berlin wall - becomes highly active, if you dilute it at a rate of 1