"Pharmacists should not sell or dispense homeopathic products"
On 4 September 2018, during the FIP (78th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), a meeting took place intended to give an opportunity to practising pharmacists to voice their opinions on the question whether pharmacies should stop selling homeopathic products. Attendees were provided with voting materials to allow them to express their views in a spontaneous and powerful manner, and for FIP to ascertain genuine opinions about this important matter. The debate and subsequent voting is likely to influence FIP policymaking and statement formulation. Here is the outline of the meeting: The Great Debate – The motion "Pharmacists should not sell or dispense homeopathic products" 12:30 – 12:34 Introduction by the chairs 12:34 – 12:57 For the motion Geoff Tucker (University of Sheffield, UK) 12:57 – 13:20 Against the motion Christine Glover (Glover's Integrated Healthcare, UK) 13:20 – 13:25 Ethical considerations related to homeopathy Betty Chaar (The University of