Oil pulling, a promising alternative therapy – no, I am not pulling your leg!
Yesterday, I was interviewed and filmed by a Canadian TV-journalist. Even though the subject was osteopathy (apparently, in Canada, osteopathy is strong and full of woo), we found ourselves talking about 'oil pulling'. I knew next to nothing about this alternative therapy, but learnt that it was big in North America. When the TV-crew had left my home, I therefore read up about it. I must admit, I was more than a little sceptical about the therapy - not least because I soon found articles by fellow sceptics that were less than complimentary - but, as I studied the original research on oil pulling, my scepticism somewhat waned. So, what is oil pulling? It is the use of oil for swishing it around your mouth for alleged health benefits. Here are several short points that might explain it more fully: Oil pulling is said to have roots that reach back to ancient Hindu texts. Coconut or sesame oils are usually employed for this therapy. The mechanism of action (if there is one at all) is