Is 2018 the year when research into homeopathy died a natural death?
Medline is the biggest electronic databank for articles published in medicine and related fields. It is therefore the most important source of information in this area. I use it regularly to monitor what new papers have been published in the various fields of alternative medicine. As the number of Medline-listed papers dated 2018 on homeopathy has just reached 100, I thought it might be the moment to run a quick analysis on this material. The first thing to note is that it took until August for 100 articles dated 2018 to emerge. To explain how embarrassing this is, we need a few comparative figures. At the same moment (6/9/18), we have, for instance: 126576 articles for surgery 5001 articles or physiotherapy 30215 articles for psychiatry 60161 articles for pharmacology Even compared to other types of alternative medicine, homeopathy is being dwarfed. Currently the figures are, for instance: 2232 for herbal medicine 1949 for dietary supplements 1222 for acupuncture This does not