Three Trends In "Alternative Dentistry" Part 1: The Concept of Projections—Of Meridians and Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD)
By guest blogger Hans-Werner Bertelsen Holistic ideas are booming, and they do not stop at dental medicine, where procedures and techniques that take an alleged 'holistic' approach are becoming more and more popular. Are these procedures and techniques effective, and do they offer a benefit over their conventional counterparts, or is it rather the providers of such procedures and techniques who benefit from a lack of knowledge and understanding in patients who seek out this so-called alternative dentistry? This paper will take a look at three topics—the concept of projections, material testing approaches, amalgam removal—that form the basis for many procedures and techniques in so-called alternative dentistry, to examine whether they offer a sound foundation for said procedures and techniques, or whether they are merely empty promises. Might they be nothing but marketing tricks? The concept of projections suggests that conventional medicine does look closely enough at the human body,