The Society of Homeopaths have a Code of Ethics, but seem to ignore it. I wonder why!
This recent announcement by the Society of Homeopaths (SoH), the organisation of non-doctor homeopaths in the UK, seems worthy of a short comment. Here is the unabbreviated text in question: Two new members have been appointed to the Society's Public Affairs (PAC) and Professional Standards (PSC) committees for three-year terms of office. Selina Hatherley RSHom is joining the PAC. She has been a member since 2004 and works in three multi-disciplinary practices in Oxfordshire and previously ran a voluntary clinic working with people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues for 12 years. She has also been involved in the acute trauma clinics following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. New to the PSC is Lynne Howard. She became a RSHom in 1996 and runs a practice in three locations in east London and a major London hospital. She specialises in pregnancy, birth and mother-and-baby issues. "Following an open and comprehensive appointment process, we are delighted to welcome Selina and