If you don't like satire and sarcasm (or happen to be a chiropractor), please don't read this
Chiropractors will never cease to amuse and amaze me. Today, I received this comment to a recent post of mine; its author is a chiropractor by the name of SD White (I never met the man [surely it's a man] and don't know where he's from): Someone is suffering from a love of credentials (small penis?) and a sour disposition who has zero actual information about a profession of which he is not a member. So this is how you choose to spend your days? What a royal disappointment you must be to family, friends, and others with your extremely disjointed and disgruntled opinions. Which no one requested. Rating: 1/10 This type of hilarity encouraged me to write a post about chiropractic which fulfils some of SD White's criteria: no one requested it, and it has zero actual information. But I hope it adds to the hilarity chiropractic so often creates. The article it refers to is entitled 'Chiropractic in global health and well being'. When I read such a headline, my BS-detectors starts running